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Good Oral Hygiene Habits To Maintain a Healthy Smile

Good Oral Hygiene Habits To Maintain a Healthy Smile

Oral hygiene refers to the health and cleanliness of the mouth. It is especially important to practice good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. What you do or don’t do at home can impact the health of your smile. 

Did you know that gum disease affects one out of every two Americans? While gum disease may not seem like a big deal, it has been linked to more serious health concerns such as heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. Understanding the importance of good oral hygiene can help you to prevent gum disease, as well as more serious health complications.

Tips To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day

Brushing your teeth twice a day is critical for good oral health. Brushing should be done at least once in the morning and once before bed. Plaque can build up on your teeth throughout the day, so it’s important to remove it as soon as possible. Otherwise, plaque can harden into tartar. Brushing on a regular basis can help avoid this buildup.

Flossing Your Teeth Once a Day

When you floss your teeth, you remove plaque that builds up along the gum line and between teeth that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. While flossing once a day is recommended, don’t neglect it altogether. The plaque that builds up between visits can harden into tartar, which can only be removed by your dentist in Ahwatukee.

Rinse Your Mouth Twice a Day

Use an antiseptic mouthwash, rinse your mouth for 30 seconds, and then spit it out. Repeat one or two times per day.

Eating a Healthy Diet

While you’re making healthy food choices, be sure to include a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables. These foods will help your body get the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Additionally, if you eat foods that are high in sugar, you can increase your risk of tooth decay. That’s because bacteria get trapped in the plaque that builds up on your teeth.

Avoiding Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol can both increase your risk for oral health problems. Tobacco can stain teeth, lead to gum disease, and increase your risk for oral cancer. Alcohol can dry out the mouth, cause tooth decay, and increase your risk for oral cancer.

Go For Regular Dental Checkups

In addition to good oral hygiene habits at home, it’s important to visit your dentist in Ahwatukee regularly for a checkup. It’s not just your teeth that the dentist examines during your appointment. They will also look at your gums, cheeks, and tongue, as well as examine your throat and neck. 

These regular dental checkups can help catch problems before they become major concerns.

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